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Zimperium Delivery and Activation on Android Enterprise with Workspace ONE UEM Product Provisioning

A use case I am involved in required remotely delivering Zimperium zIPS, a mobile threat detection and response security product, to Android Enterprise devices with Workspace ONE UEM. Zimperium is an incredible mobile security product, which I will discuss more in upcoming blog posts. The way Workspace ONE and Zimperium compliment each other is ideal for securing devices running (Android and iOS supported). First we need to deliver zIPS; and this will cover the delivery and activation of zIPS on an Android Work Managed device with Workspace ONE UEM Product Provisioning. For zIPS to secure a device, report threats back to Zimperium's zConsole and eventually Workspace ONE Intelligence; zIPS requires activation on each device. It sounds daunting, especially because it isn't just delivering an apk file and managed configuration. If you have a fleet of 15,000 or 150,000 devices; you wouldn't want to visit each point-of-sale kiosk, in-flight entertainment system, medical devic