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How to use Fiddler Everywhere to inspect Android network traffic to troubleshoot SAML authentication issues

Recently Telerik would release Fiddler Everywhere, a free web debugging proxy, for macOS. Previously, Fiddler was native to Windows, and macOS users would have to resort to using Charles, or using Fiddler in Wine on their macOS. While Charles is great, it also wasn't free. With Fiddler Everywhere being a free offering, it has quickly cemented itself as a must-have tool for developers.  Thanks Telerik, my Hawaii vacation / retirement fund just grew by $50. Today, we're going to cover how to use Fiddler Everywhere to capture network traffic from an Android device. This is useful if you need to review SAML responses when troubleshooting authentication. But before we proceed to the fun stuff.... Wailea,  Ulua Beach, Maui Requirements: Telerik Fiddler Everywhere Computer connected to network Android device connected to the same network as the computer Android device must have no Workspace ONE profiles installed th