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Setup Single Sign-On with Workspace ONE & ServiceNow (Mobile Flows Series - Part 1)

Weeks like this remind us that time is a valuable commodity, where seconds count, and getting more done with less is the expectation. Typically interacting with enterprise services requires logging on, remembering passwords, and in a mobile context; opening up a separate application or website to complete the task. In bandwidth constrained scenarios; this alone can make completing any task more time consuming than anyone wants. Mobile Flows in Workspace ONE is a framework that allows enterprises to present notifications with contextual information and actions to users. This provides users the ability to perform actions on various backend products and services (Concur, ServiceNow, Jira, Salesforce, and any service with custom mobile flows connectors,) without having to leave their email client. Mobile Flows are also available in Intelligent Hub. Intelligent Hub, being cross-platform, extends the capabilities of Mobile Flows to any modern workspace your users or devices might be on (