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Remote Debugging Chrome & SameSite cookies with Chrome DevTools

When developing and delivering use-cases for Android or iOS devices, remotely debugging and inspecting how content is rendered in Google Chrome can be challenging. In the last few years, Chrome introduced a very useful feature that allows remote debugging. This functionality became infinitely useful when working on a use case that leverages cookies in a third-party context. In this blog post, we'll cover why cookies can be a headache (for all platforms), and how Chrome DevTools can be used to isolate issues on mobile devices. Requirements: Android OS with Developer Options enabled USB Debugging enabled USB-C Cable To connect Android device to macOS / Windows device Google Chrome (mobile) Google Chrome (macOS / Windows device) Context: A use case I am involved in hosts content internally on a private cloud using VMware Tanzu (formerly Pivotal Cloud Foundry). This private cloud has its own unique domain. So while the user might be authenticating and viewing content on www.myLearning