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How to use Square's OkHttp Java library to access Workspace ONE UEM API's

Digital workspace solutions often require consuming other services. When doing so, you may work with things like; REST API endpoints, Webhooks, gRPC, GraphQL - the list goes on. You can interact with these in a number of ways, but one way I've come to appreciate is with Java. It has been especially helpful when I've wanted to work with libraries like Appium, Selenium, OKHttp, or the Workspace ONE UEM SDK in a workflow. With that, I thought it would be helpful to share how to work with Workspace ONE UEM API's using Java. In this blog post, we will cover; Basics of JetBrain's IntelliJ IDE, touching on Apache Maven Using  Square's OkHttp   library  to call Workspace ONE UEM API's Why Java? Java is used by many and supported by most (Docker, Kubernetes, static code analysis tools, cloud service providers, Android, Windows, macOS, Tanzu Application Service, etc). Many languages compile to j ava