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Ingest Mobile Threat Events from Zimperium zConsole in Amazon Kinesis Data Streams & Kinesis Data Analytics

Prologue: In uncertain times; we search for security, stability, and certainty. This could be economic security, financial security, information security, or even securing your next roll of toilet paper. I want to thank medical experts around the world who have tirelessly worked around the clock to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and help bring that feeling of security back. Their selfless actions are an inspiration to us all, and I am forever thankful for their sacrifice. Thank you to the businesses who have stepped up and shown the best of themselves. Examples include;  American Airlines & Hyatt  offering complimentary vacations to medical experts,  Samsung and Google  offering free device repairs to medical experts, VMware partnering with  NHS  to develop a contact tracing application, while  Google and Apple would partner to develop API's for contact tracing. Leaders outside the medical community have stepped up and shown the best of themselves as well. Jack Dorsey woul