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Digital Workspace Mobile Threat Detection & Response with Workspace ONE & Zimperium - Integrating zConsole

Mobile threat detection and response is an area of ever-growing importance, as the world finds themselves accessing sensitive resources on devices everywhere. Application, identity or device management only offers so many protections to the assortment of threats users are faced with.  Digital Workspace products like Workspace ONE and Zimperium's zIPS compliment each other, and offer an additional level of compensating controls, specifically for mobile threats. These capabilities allow your organization to detect threats you might not have had visibility of, let alone the ability to mitigate. Zimperium focuses on being best-in-breed in MTD, and it shows. In 2019; Zimperium would be the first MTD to be FedRAMP authorized, partner with the VMware to join the Trust Network, and selected by Google to join the App Defense Alliance.  To make this integration possible, you must first, thank your CISO, and then integrate Zimperium's zConsole with Workspace ONE UEM. In this post

Updated: Google Chrome Update Tool for Android, using Workspace ONE API’s

Recent news from the Google Chrome team reminded me to revisit a previously created tool that allowed enterprises to manage public application updates in their digital workspace. The Chrome team announced that they would temporarily pause upcoming Chrome & Chrome OS releases, and focus exclusively on security updates. It became clear that I needed to update this tool, and tailor it for Google Chrome.  Due to adjusted work schedules, we’re pausing upcoming Chrome & Chrome OS releases. Our goal is to ensure they continue to be stable, secure, & reliable for anyone who depends on them. We’ll prioritize updates related to security, which will be included in Chrome 80. Stay tuned. — Chrome Developers (@ChromiumDev) March 18, 2020 Widespread use of Chrome, combined with the number of CVE's addressed in each release of Chrome requires every enterprise to have the ability to upgrade their endpoints. The solution needs to be tactical, precise, and meet the business