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Clean up duplicate identities and users from Workspace ONE using REST API's and PowerShell

Workspace ONE gives us a centralized management plane for our users digital workspace. But with the proliferation of identity and access management solutions, it isn't uncommon to find users with multiple identities in our management plane. Especially when you lift and shift from one identity solution to the next.  I have a friend and colleague who is working with a beverage company who have a fairly tedious task ahead of them. They have to clean up duplicate identities, and do it quickly. I thought it would be great to share a solution I put together, and discuss how you can go about cleaning up identities in your environment as well. But before we get to the good stuff; some mood lifting visual stimuli... Entrance to Andaz Maui at Wailea Fun fact: Novell eDirectory still exists. Owned and maintained by NetIQ. Any readers still using eDirectory, send me a email so I can buy you a beer. A lot of organizations start with Workspace ONE by importing identitie