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Force Android applications like Google Chrome to update in a zero-day/bug-fix/new-feature scenario with Workspace ONE

There is a real and immediate need for every organization to be able to quickly react to zero-day vulnerabilities or new application releases with features requiring immediate and precise cut-overs. The threat landscape is wider than ever, while the frequency of new application builds in a world of CI/CD pipelines decreases from days to hours; and everything supporting the business has exacting requirements that need to be met.  Workspace ONE and the EUC product line-up is really well equipped to handle any digital workspace use case on any major platform. When you offer all that with API's to manage identity, access management and secure edge services; you have API's for everything to provide secure remote access to resources.  What has been interesting to watch over the years is the utility, broad-appeal, varied-price points and proven capabilities of the Android OS. As the OS has matured from the era of Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop; the number of use cases supported b