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How to remove sensitive data from code and access Workspace ONE API's more securely (part 1)

Organizations that use custom built tools to access API's can approach this in a variety of ways. It is not uncommon to find tools developed with sensitive data contained within the source code itself. PowerShell scripts are a great example of where we can find sensitive data leaking. These scripts come with the best of intentions, but can accidentally contain the keys to the kingdom. We’ll look at how I use a config.ini file to access a funny environment we’ll call, but b efore we proceed, cue the mood boosting visuals... Storing sensitive data in code makes it difficult to commit code to a source version control system Bitbucket, GitHub, TFS, etc), as it would be insecure. It can even be against company policy to store sensitive data this way. By storing the sensitive information in a config.ini file; you can more easily present the code in a screen sharing session (maybe in a sprint demo), or commit your code to remote a repository.  Ex